Specialised NHS Services for EC and AAC

NHS Service Information and Specifications

Complex Disability Equipment – Communication Aids (Specialised AAC Services)

Environmental Control Equipment for Patients with Complex Disability (All Ages)

NHS England Guidance for commissioning AAC services and equipment

Other Information

In addition to the key resources shown on the home page, the following resources should also be extremely useful. Resources have been provided by the following organisations:

  • CandLE
  • Liberator
  • Smartbox
  • Tobii Dynavox
  • Widgit


Predictable Chart Writing

Predictable Boards

Leap to Literacy instruction manual

How to use an Alternative Pencil

Candle Alternative Pencil version March 2020

How to make our Alternative Pencil – CandLE 2020

Candle Alternative Pencil version HI VIS RED March 2020

Candle Alternative Pencil version Hi Vis black and white March 2020


Low-Tech support books – FREE on the Liberator website –

Low-Tech Manual boards – FREE on the Liberator website –

Free Implementation Support materials – FREE on the Liberator website –

AAC Language – 2 months FREE subscription plus I have been offering FREE 1-year to those who want it long term –

AAC Realize Language – 2 months FREE subscription plus I have been offering FREE 1-year to those who want it long term –

YouTube Channel – Which has seen a significant increase in like/subscribers and views since March 2020 –


Simple AAC – (home education)

Our Simple AAC framework brings together all the key ideas about how we can help support early AAC learners to develop their communication skills.

Webinars – (home education)

Learn more about our software and hardware with our free online webinars.

Look to Read – (Home education)

To help AAC users during this challenging time, donations of Look to Read are now available for SEN schools in the UK and US to give to their students in April.

Tobii Dynavox

ICU Communication Resources

A set of printable communication pages to support caregiver to patient communications in a hospital environment. Bilingual versions available in English and Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese

Coronavirus Teaching and Communication Resources

A set of PCS symbol supported printable resources about the coronavirus, keeping healthy and new routines. Available in English, Croatian, Dutch, Estonian, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish

Snap Core First Trial Extended to 60 Days

A robust AAC app which runs on iOS and Windows includes core words, topic messages, quickfires, behaviour supports. Includes pagesets specifically designed for Scanning and Aphasia.

Snap Core First Page bundle

Communicate about what’s going on around us! Includes, comment pages as well as topic words and visual supports. Available in: English, French, German (Metacom), German (PCS), Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish

Boardmaker Online Trial Extended to 90 Days (for Personal Trials)

Create printed and interactive resources using a bank of over 40,000 PCS symbols. Boardmaker Online also includes pre-made curriculum including AAC and literacy programs like Reading Avenue and Core First Learning. Teams, schools and organisation email

Boardmaker Activities to Go!

10 weeks of free and printable thematic packs of Boardmaker activities for learners of any age. Includes books, vocabulary resources, games, crafts and communication boards

At Home Learning Modules

Currently five modules with more to come. They all have a learning video with an accompanying freely downloadable resource(s) and PDF with implementation ideas. Current modules include:

  1. Communication Supports for Hospital Bound Patients
  2. Helping Children Understand Coronavirus
  3. Healthy Routines at Home
  4. Supporting your Snap Core First
  5. Teaching Core Vocabulary at Home


Widgit Online Free Access  

To make sure symbol users have access to the systems and resources they need, we would like to offer free and unrestricted access to Widgit Online and its ready-made materials for 30 days. 

You can create your free individual account here: Use code WIDGIT30 

If you already have an individual account subscription or trial you can use the same codes to unlock all of the ready-made materials available in Widgit Online worth over £180, more information and instructions can be found here: 

New Coronavirus Symbols 

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have added a range of new symbols to help you create teaching resources and supports around the subject. A list of all the new symbols can be found here: 

These symbols are now live and available to use in Widgit Online: InPrint 3 users can download the latest update free from here to access the new symbols:

Other Resources

EdTech Demonstrator

Helping schools and colleges with support for remote learning, powered by a national network of Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and supported by a consortium of Delivery Partners. The programme is funded by the English Department for Education as part of its get help with technology initiative.